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How To Match Shoes And Jeans?

Conical jeans Want to look slimmer? Then dark shaded jeans are perfect for you. If you are not very high and your jeans form more than two folds at the ankle, it’s better to cut them. Nobody wants to seem shorter than it is. Or try a pair of heels. …

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How To Wear Sneakers. The Stylish Way

When you have to walk daily it’s very hard to wear heels and it’s advisable to feel comfortable. Sneakers are the best option. Here are a few ways to match them to any outfit. Fashionistas obsession for sneakers is for a long time, but this season their presence was felt …

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How To Prolong The Life Of Your Shoes

Everyone wants like their shoes to last longer, especially if it’s their favorite pair. Fortunately, there are certain tricks you can do to keep your shoes like new. First of all buy quality shoes. The most important thing is to invest in your shoes if you don’t want to damage …

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