How To Look Taller And Slimmer

High heels High heels will make your heels look thinner and longer. Additionally, when you wear heels your muscles will contract to maintain balance, so your legs will seem more toned. Chandelier earrings These earrings with their elongated shape will make your eyes bigger and your cheeks less rounded. To …

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Top 10 Accessories Worn This Fall

Accessories are one of the easiest recipes to reinvent fashion every season. So, we’ve created a top of the most important accessories for this fall and how to wear them. See our below gallery to be the most wanted fashionista: Image Credits: Thefashionspot

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How to wear a denim shirt?

Jeans shirt will be a must have in the upcoming season! Avoid wearing it with jeans. Instead, you can match it with a pair of white or black slim jeans or with baggy pants. But be careful at your silhouette because you have to put your shirt into your pants …

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