7 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Fatter

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Every woman wants a perfect body, and no matter how slim you are, there are several style mistakes that make you look fatter than you really are! That’s why it’s very important what you wear to shape perfectly your body!
Women are constantly struggling with extra pounds, but most of them don’t think that the outfits they are wearing are damaging their image. So, it’s better to avoid that!

1. Underwear
It may seem awkward but if you wear a pair of tight panties or a tight bra, it will reveal your muffin top. Choose a pair of soft underwear, without cuts that will be practically invisible. Also choose the right size for your bra to achieve a perfect neckline.

2. The wrong size
Always choose the right size for your clothes. Wide clothes will never, but never hide your flaws. On the contrary, they will draw attention over the parts of your body that you want to hide. This means not to wear too tight clothes, like skinny jeans, just wear the ones that fit best on your body.

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3. White
It’s better to avoid bright colors such as white, beige or silver. This will make you look fatter. Instead choose vivid colors, like red, green or violet. These shades will benefit you.

4. Straight patterns
Straight line cuts are not made for you, if you have a few extra pounds, because a pair of straight pants will make your legs look very thick. Choose sinuous shapes from soft fabrics.

5. Horizontal lines
The worst choice you can make are horizontal stripes. These prints, whether they are worn on blouses, skirts and even stockings, will make your body look disproportionately and bigger than it really is.

6. Prints around the area you want to hide
If you have a few extra pounds around your waist, for example, avoid wearing sweaters or shirts with prints around that area. But if your problem is your thighs, avoid dresses or pants with prints around that area.

7. Low sole footwear
Flats or oxford shoes are one of the biggest enemies for women with a few extra pounds. Heels, on the other hand, will shape beautifully your body. Avoid low sole sandals or footwear with straps around your ankle. Focus instead on 2 inches heels. At least!

Image Credits: Dailymail

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