How To Stand On Heels For 8 Hours Without Killing Your Feet

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Are you dreaming to that day when you would be able to wear heels for 8 hours in a row without feeling any pain? Well, be ready because that day has come. You’ll be able to be elegant from morning ‘til evening without having a spare pair of flats.

It was invented a revolutionary material, in the US, called PORON, and its most important feature is that can turn any high heeled shoes into a comfortable one. Practically, it has a memory sponge which helps you to resist on heels up to 12 hours, without any discomfort, and you’ll basically feel barefoot.

This material is called PORON, it’s made in the US and its most important feature is to turn any shoe-heeled shoe into a comfortable shoe. Practically, with the memory sponge, which helps you stay on the heels for up to 12 hours without discomfort, you feel as if you were barefoot.

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So, look for this shoes in stores to be elegant the entire day or night.

Image Credits: Elle

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