4 Exquisite Outfits That Will Catch Everyone’s Eye

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Sometimes it seems a difficult task to match some clothing items from different styles. But it isn’t an impossible task, after all. And some Hollywood stars seem to have discovered the secret of perfect outfits. Below, you have the most awesome clothing combinations that you’ll never fail if you wear them.

Emerald green and black

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A strong, luxurious green fits perfectly with black. Each color in turn puts the other color in value, creating a clean and stylish look. It’s the perfect combination for both day and evening outfits.

Coat fur and denim

Coat fur, whether natural or artificial, has always been trendy. Probably any woman wants a fur coat. Designers brought this item back in trends and fits perfectly with denim.

Leopard print and red lipstick

There were rumors that animal prints should disappear from fashion. However, they tend to hold tight on trends, which is why you don’t have to give up your animal print clothing items, especially the leopard print. Match them with red lipstick and you’ll blast of the trends.

Strips and leather

Striped blouses or tops are easier to wear than you ever imagined. Match them with a pair of leather pants or a biker jacket and you’ll get a spectacular look that will catch everyone’s eye.

Image Credits: Listupp

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