How To Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive?

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Being dressed with style and looking fabulous doesn’t require a big budget. The secret lies in choosing carefully your clothes and matching or accessorizing them with good taste.
Below we’ll reveal some tricks that can help you to give an expensive look to your outfit, even if you have 2 pennies in your wallet.

Choose classic and simple clothes!
One of expensive clothes attribute is simplicity. Often, cheap accessories or clothing items have all sort of shining stuff applied on them. You can remove those and leave only the initial necklace. Or choose from the beginning simple things without glitter or shiny stones.

Pay attention to accessories!
Another simple trick is to change buttons from jackets or coats. Often, such clothing items even if they are made of great fabric, have cheap accessories. Remove them and buy some quality buttons and your jacket will radically be changed.

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Take your clothes to dry cleaning, because most of the time chemical cleaning will refresh your clothes making them look like new. Also, you have to take care how you store your clothes and jewelry. Keep your clothes on hangers and fill your bags with newspapers when you aren’t wearing them. Also you can apply calendula moisturizers on your leather purses to cover scratches.

Choose men’s clothes!
Most of the time, men’s clothes are made of better fabrics, and they are simpler with a minimalist look, especially when it comes to shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts. Usually, the smallest size also fits for women.

Visit the tailor!
A small adjustment of the sleeves or waist may radically change the look of a clothing item, giving it an expensive look. One of the designer clothing qualities is the impeccable cut.

Colors make a big difference!
Choose black or dark clothing items, avoiding shades of brown, purple or kakis because they lose their intensity, making you clothing items to look cheap. There is a rule that bright colored clothing items will highlight a cheap garment. Avoid prints and opt for monochrome outfits.

Opt for classic models!
Buy clothes with classic cuts and bags or shoes with classic designs. Choose thicker fabrics, especially for sweaters or jeans because it will give attitude to your clothing items, making them look more expensive.

Expensive tips for cheap clothes!
If you buy cheap dresses, avoid lace.
If you buy cheap shoes, avoid platforms – these are rarely successful for cheap patterns.
If you buy cheaper jewelry, avoid stones or brilliant ones.
If you choose cheap bags or shoes, avoid glossy fabrics and choose the ecological leather.

Image Credits: Shopcade

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