How To Look Stylish During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is considered one of the most beautiful periods in a woman’s life. As pregnancy furthers, future mom’s experiences become more and more intense. But at the same time, it’s also a period of challenges, both mentally and vestimental. If you are a future mom-to-be, you have to be proud of your big belly, and at the same time wear the proper clothes, be elegant or casual, because you can!

What type of clothes you should wear during pregnancy?
The silhouette of every pregnant woman is different. That’s why you’d better invest in a couple of pants with adjustable waistband that you can wear at work. In summer choose pants from thin and cool fabrics such as silk, and avoid tight pants. Especially in the last months of pregnancy, it’s advisable to wear clothing that make you feel comfortable, so cotton is the best option for you.

When you are pregnant, try to adopt the smart casual style. A pair of comfortable leggings can be worn with a long and loose shirt caught with a belt around the waist. In the warm season you can wear hats or caps with specific future-to-be-mommy period. Stretch clothing is recommended because the belly grows every day and this type of fabric can shape and size your belly.

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What clothes you should avoid during pregnancy?
In the last months of pregnancy, you should avoid clothing that has zippers, buttons or belts. Maxi lightweight fabric dresses are a must for this period, as well as long skirts with pockets combined with simple jerseys. I’m very easy to dress with. Some women are proud of their belly, so they opt for clothes to highlight their belly. Don’t give up strong colors or accessories because a scarf around your neck or a headband with earrings can stand you out of the crowd as a fashionable mommy.
Also wear sneakers or flats and give up heels because you might have back problems. In winter, choose UGG.

How to be an elegant pregnant woman?

During this time you can easily adopt and stylish outfits, suitable for special events. Choose straight cut dresses up to knees, and try to avoid ruffles or layering. Also, you can wear heels but those that make you feel
Choose shades of yellow, blue and black but you can also wear prints in small shapes.
Straight pants are also perfect with a tunic or shirt. Anyhow, anything that makes the future mom comfortable will be the perfect outfit.

Image Credits: Bemvestir

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