How To Hide Your Flaws Under The Right Clothes?

Every one of us has a part of the body with which is not happy with, and if we had super powers we definitely change our bodies. But how, unfortunately, we don’t have such powers, we can do magic by choosing smartly our clothes to hide those annoying flaws.

Big belly/ love handles
If you owe a muffin top than it’s great to wear tight shirts around the breast area and a bit loose around the waist to hide your belly. Also choose empire dresses and tops, asymmetrical thin jackets, unbuttoned, longer in the front to elongate visually your silhouette. Always choose small prints and avoid large, colorful prints. Also, in order not to draw attention over your belly avoid wearing belts or high waist pants.

Bat wings arms
When your arm skin isn’t firm anymore, you can hide the flaw by wearing shirts with lose sleeves to the elbow. This way you’ll draw attention over the thin part of your arm. A big help can come from shirt with printed sleeves in dark shades.

Thick ankle
Many women face with this problem. You can draw attention from that area by creating a long legs effect, wearing tights in the same color as the shoes (better on dark color).
Choose straight or flared pants. Also, avoid any type of shoes with straps around the ankle or with thick heel and round tip. Ankle boots shouldn’t be an option.

Small breasts…or big breasts
Every woman is very attached with her breasts and the reason is very clear: they are a femininity sign. And when they are too small or too big then we face with a problem.

Besides the classic push-up bra, specially created for women with small breasts, there are certain types of clothes that can create the impression of big breasts: printed dresses and blouses in light colors, horizontal stripes, V cleavage (but not very deep), or those with ruffles. Opt for blouses, jackets or peplum dresses and accessorize your outfit with long and thin necklaces or with belts that create the impression of volume at the top.

When you are in the opposite side, wear dark shade t-shirts with round cleavage, and scarves or necklaces around your neck to draw attention from the bust area. Opt for long blouses, because big breasts visually thin your body, and choose hard fabrics to support your breasts.

Thick thighs
If you have thick thighs, avoid skinny pants or leggings, because they will only emphasize the area you want to hide. In fact, if you are confronted with this problem, it’s better to choose stretch jeans, flared skirts, A-shaped skirts from thin, soft fabrics. Don’t wear straight or pencil skirts. Don’t wear crop tops and choose those longer with 2 inches.

It is good to accept our body as it is, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use a few clothing tips to improve its shape. After all, the art of dressing with good taste is not just making the right clothing combination, but also trying to hide your flaws and emphasize your strengths.

Image Credits: Justtrendygirls

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