5 Summer Outfits That Make You Look Thinner

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Clothes aren’t just used to cover our bodies or to keep us warm. Nowadays, clothing items are a way of expressing ourselves, and reflecting our personality. They often speak for us. However, choosing the right outfit isn’t an easy job. We have to spend hours in shops to find the right clothes that match our personality, and make us feel comfortable. And not to mention, for us chubby ladies, is even harder to choose express ourselves through clothes and to look thinner by hiding those extra pounds with them.

1. Wide skirt with top that covers your shoulders

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For those ladies that want to hide their belly and hips, this is the perfect choice for an outfit. A wide skirt from your waist will hide those areas. Also, tops and shirts that fall on your shoulders or those with a V-neckline will draw attention from the flaws you want to hide. This way you’ll look thinner. Try to choose outfits from the same color palette by not creating a big difference between colors. This color harmony is very important because it won’t draw attention over certain parts of your body. And to creating a long-legs effect chose a pair of nude heels because they continue your legs making you look taller. Try to avoid as much as possible dark shades.

2. Neutral colors outfit with a belt around your waist

For a casual or office look you can safely choose dark skinny pants or jeans with a white, loose shirt. Catch the shirt with a belt in your waist. This type of pants will make your legs look skinny, and the shirt will hide your belly. Try to choose a single color (preferably dark) for your pants, because this thing will help you to draw attention over the upper side of your body.
Black stilettos shouldn’t miss from this outfit because it will add extra inches and elegance. It’s advisable to choose comfortable heels not to step yourself in grace and elegance. 

3. Deux-piece dress

The deux-piece dress can also be worn by women with shapes, but the pattern must be chosen with great care. It would be great if the waist of the dress would be higher and tight to hide your tummy. Also, the lower part of the dress should be wider to hide your hips. That why light shades are suitable in this situation to cover your wide hips. The distances between the skirt and the top should reveal too much skin. To complete this outfit, choose a pair of simple sandals in a light shade. Also, a pair of nude shoes is great if you don’t like sandals.

4. Veil dress with black stockings

As we already know, black and white contrast is perfect to hide extra pounds. This is perfect for a summer outfit because it allows you to move freely. Always choose to wear white in the upper side of the body, and black in the lower part. This white, loose veil dress is perfect for those that want to be chic in trendy. Don’t forget to choose shoes in the same color as your stockings to obtain the effect what you want.

5. Elegant outfit with wide blouse

For the summer of 2017 if you want an office outfit, wide blouses and skinny jeans are the best choice you can make. A jacket can be the best ally for those cold summer mornings, because it hides your “thick” arms. You can replace skinny jeans with skinny pants for an elegant, business look. The shoes should be nude or black, and don’t forget that the bag should fit perfectly with your outfit and accessories.

Image Credits: Forever21

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