3 Dresses That Will Make You Look Thinner In Those Hot Summer Days

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We all want clothes that make us stand out of the crowd, by emphasizing our strengths, and why not to make us look thinner. This thing is possible, but we have to search carefully before buying such clothing items, especially if we want to respect the trends. It seems that in 2017, the 80’s fashion comes back gloriously through lame, prominent shoulders, glitter, but also through saturated colors such as fucsia, red scarlet, heliotrope green and yellow. Also, stripes and floral prints are worn this year in bold combinations and intense colors.

Considering these things, we’ve looked for the perfect dress pattern that highlights the shapes of any woman, regardless of the silhouette type. And it seems that there is only a certain type of cut that can allow you to enjoy the weather outside, without worrying about extra pounds.

For special occasions
Cleavage dress and with a cleft on a leg is a pattern that makes you look thinner. The cleavage will draw attention to the upper part of the body, while the cleft will highlight your beautiful legs. For a complete effect, this type of dress must necessarily be strapped in the waist with a belt from the same fabric.

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For girls night out
If you want to turn all the heads when you go out with your friends, choose the type of dress, but made from lighter fabrics with those beloved summer prints. Don’t forget that the cleavage doesn’t highlight the beauty of your bust, but it will make you look thinner. Choose vaporous dresses that flow over your body.

For hot summer days
For hot summer days, long and tight dresses can be a real problem. Inspired by this summer trends, we’ve found these beautiful short and wide dresses. With these dress patterns you can’t fail this summer in those. Being wide and airy, will allow you to move freely, and to feel those burning sun rays.

Image Credits: Plus-size-clothing

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