Get Your Tiny Miny Waist With These Fashion Tricks

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If you have a thin waist, wear clothes to emphasize it, but if you don’t, wear clothes to leave the impression of a thin waist. And yes, that is possible if you apply the following tricks for a thin waist.

Clothes can help you get that body shape you’ve always dreamed of, but you have to know how to choose them, so as to highlight your strengths and to hide your flaws.

High-waisted pants and skirts – any clothing item with a high waist, worn with a crop top or with a blouse stiffed inside, will leave the impression of a thin waist. The pants waist should end around the navel area. The 90’s fashion is back, so take advantage and wear high waist jeans in different clothing combinations.

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Clothing items with vertical stripes – no, don’t you think about pants! Think about clothing items that you wear on top. A blouse, a shirt or a top with vertical stripes will visually thin and elongate the area you wear it. Wear such blouse or top with a pair of black pants (can be culottes) to drop visually some extra pounds and also get a thin waist.

Told ya! Culottes – flared pants from your hips, culottes, create volume at the bottom and make your waistline look thinner.

Peplum clothing items – whether it’s a blouse, a dress or a peplum jacket, your waist has to gain if you wear this type of clothing item.

Patchwork dress – are those monochrome dresses with inserts on each side, in another color. The best option is black dress with white inserts that creates the illusion of hourglass silhouette. This trick is also used for bathing suits.

Girdle long dress – made of liquid fabrics such as silk or satin, is very trendy this season. Not the fact that it’s fashionable should make us wear it, but the fact that it make our waist look thinner, and because it hides underneath it our extra pounds.

Girdle coat – this coat with a belt or a girdle in your waist, will make your silhouette look impeccable, and your waist thinner.

Belts – a belt around your waist, whether it is attached to a pair of jeans or caught on a long blouse or over a dress, have the role of shaping your silhouette so as to create the effect of hourglass silhouette. Never disconsider an accessory such a belt, because often it makes a difference.

Image Credits: Fabulousflows

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