6 Huge Style Mistakes We Have To Avoid This Summer

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Yuhu!! Summer is near dear ladies, and we hardly wait to enjoy the beautiful weather outside! That’s why we should turn the summer of 2017 in the most stylish summer ever, by avoiding the following mistakes! Because a woman with style is a woman with personality, and this way you’ll feel incredibly good in your skin!

1. No tight/molded short dresses with high heels or boots!

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The famous bodycon dresses left Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe, which shows that this clothing item shouldn’t be in your closet anymore. But they are still worn by many women, especially in the summer. Although, this type of dress will look good with a pair of sneakers or Moroccan slippers, but definitely not with high heels or ultra-high boots, because it will make you look vulgar.

2. Short skirts and deep neckline tops

Summer of 2017 is not a fan of short skirts (except those with creative applications or draped), and it will shook its head no if you wear this combination. An old rule says: either you wear a short skirt, either a deep cleavage.

3. You look like a billboard

Jeans, shirts and tops with different applications are the shinning starts of this summer’s trends, but this doesn’t mean that you should dress from head to toe with such clothing items. One of the most terrible summer mistakes is to wear clothes full of funny messages or any other prints, because you’ll look like a time traveler.

4. Skinny jeans and high heels

This is another clothing match that no one should wear in 2017! We all know the danger of wearing skinny jeans, but we’re not ready to give up on them. But this clothing item gives a 404 error is you wear it with high heels and a transparent top. Try wearing skinny jeans with flats, moccasins, or sneakers for a casual summer night outfit.

5. NO denim shorts!

If your buttocks get out from your pants when you walk then we shall call the fashion police. Be decent and cover your intimate parts because you’re not dancing in Jason Derulo’s video. This pattern can’t even be worn at the beach, because it’s not comfortable.

6. Too much maxi style!

How do you know if your maxi skirt or dress is too long? Well, you’ll step on it, and eventually you’ll fall. I bet that you don’t want to dust the streets, and this summer if you wear it, it will be a big style mistake. Although, you can wear asymmetrical long skirts with deep clefts to make an impression!

Image Credits: Whomhatwear

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