Summer Fashion Tricks For Curvy Ladies

Are you a natural born beauty with voluptuous shapes or you just added a few extra pounds around your belly, hips and thighs? So what? Summer is around the corner and it’s no need to struggle in losing weight now, instead of enjoying the weather outside by showing some skin in some absolutely gorgeous outfits.

Below you’ll have some amazing style tips to look “delicious” even if you have curves.

Loose tops
Instead of wearing tight or semi-molded cotton t-shirts that look horrible once you start to sweat (an inevitable problem during summer), choose to wear loose tops, longer in the back and shorter in front with a summerish tint. Besides they are very comfortable and it will make you feel great.

A beautiful neckline
Wear under a dress with a deep neckline a lace bustier. It will shape your bust very nice making it look seductive. Deep necklines are perfect at the beach, but wearing them down town isn’t very stylish. And a bustier is perfect to wear underneath, on those hot summer days, adding class to your outfit.

Wear short leggings under skirts and dresses
Instead struggling with thighs sweating that irritates your skin, causing serious injures choose to wear short cotton leggings under your dresses or skirts. Purchase a nude pair to match any color.

Wear men’s shorts
Masculine outfits are still fashionable, and a pair of man’s shorts (wider on your thighs, longer and with a high waist) matched with an unbuttoned shirt (to elongate visually your body) and a pair of small heeled shoes will make you look “devastating” good.

Image Credits: Stylesforless

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