How To ChooseThe Perfect Jeans According To Your Body Shape

Which is the most worn clothing item, whether it’s summer or winter? Yes, you guess…jeans! As a matter of fact if you think which is the most comfortable and versatile clothing item from your closet…you will say jeans for sure. For these reasons, you need to identify that pair of jeans that flatters you, and never let them go.

Are you tall?
Well, not every pattern is for you. For example, those with straight and skinny cut make your legs look longer and you don’t need that, right? Choose a pair that covers your ankles or above the ankle with a low waist.

Petite with curvy shapes?
We know already that when you go shopping many trendy patterns make you look even shorter or they add extra pounds in areas where you already have “extra pounds”. To balance your shapes choose a pair of jeans with straight or semi-skinny cut, because these patterns flatter you, and will hide your shapes.

Too many extra pounds?
No one knows why all plus-size jeans patterns come with integrated “handles” as if we needed a double set of handles… Look for a straight cut pair of jeans, boot-cut (a bit flared at the bottom) with high waist to hide your belly.

Tall and curvy?
Belly fat is a main problem for you. Because you’re tall, you’ll look amazing in a pair of leggings jeans without a zipper. This pattern will balance your shapes by harmonizing them.

You have to cut off the hem, and there’s no pair of jeans that will fit perfectly on your body and legs. They’re either too loose or too tight, making the situation very frustrating sometimes.
Buy medium-sized jeans that will not make you any trouble at the top, and if you are a miniature and subtle, you can find jeans like pockets in the adolescent clothing area.

Image Credits: Eastwestedge

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