Clothing Items With No Expiration Date That Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

All women face with opening the closet and don’t know what to wear problem. Not to mention how to do I match my clothes problem. This means that your closet should have timeless clothing items.
Well, timeless clothing items are those outfits that never get out of fashion and you can match them with anything, like a cashmere sweater, a silk shirt, a pair of classic jeans, a black dress, a jersey, and more.
Below you’ll find those clothing items that never go out of style. Some of them you may already have in your closet.

1. High-waist jeans
You can match them with a simple T-shirt, a crop top, a shirt or even a sweater. They will highlight your waist, make your legs look longer, and you don’t even have to wear heels to make it happen.

2. Slip dresses
In summer or winter, the slip dress will always get you out of trouble when you don’t know what to wear. To make sure you don’t mess your outfit, choose a high quality pattern, like silk, that will highlight your silhouette. Also, a high quality fabric will look great even after more than one wearing.

3. Underwear set: classic panties and angle shaped bra
Since these two underwear items are worn constantly, you have to make sure that they are comfortable throughout the day. Sure, it’s important to have sexy lace lingerie, but keep it for hot dates, and choose to wear the rest of the day something from high quality fabrics.

4. Cashmere sweater
Wear it under a jeans jumpsuit or with a high waist skirt and you’ll look extremely elegant and classy. Never match it with low waist jeans, because it may lift up and it will ruin your waistline. Choose to wear a nude bra that matches perfectly your size.

5. Stilettos
No one has to tell you that every woman should owe at least one pair of stilettos. They match to any outfit and it will make you look elegant and chic instantly. Also, it will elongate visually your legs making them look beautiful. Choose a pair in a neutral shade such as black, nude, red or dark brown, because it will be easy to match to every outfit.

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