3 Lame Shopaholic Excuses That Will Leave You Dead Broke. Learn To Avoid Them

Shopping … what a delight! And if you’re acting like a shopaholic you should visit a shrink because your pockets will be empty all the time. Trust me, you can spend money on much more interesting thing than clothes. Below you have 3 shopaholic excuses and tips to avoid them…because your money is safer in your wallet.

“I needed that dress for work / party. I swear that I didn’t have what to wear. “

SOLUTION: Buy some basic items and accessorize them as you like. This way you won’t have to buy clothes all the time.

It’s better to buy classic items such as the little black dress, black jacket, black stilettos and black purse. Just imagine how beautiful you can accessorize these items…magical! It can be the perfect outfit for a special event anytime and always in fashion.

“I would kill for this shirt! I don’t care how much it costs, but it’s mine. If I don’t buy it I will have nightmares!”

SOLUTION: Night is the best counselor. If you feel a little restraint as you’re heading to the cash desk, put the item back on the shelf, get out of the store, and if the next day you’re still thinking at that “shirt”, buy it. Otherwise, keep your money safe.

Nowadays you can find similar items in all mass brands shops, and maybe it’s cheaper around the corner.

“But it’s on sale…”

SOLUTION: I know it will hurt you, but unsubscribe from all newsletters with all those “sale offers”! You’ll spend less, and hunt sales only when you actually need.

Image Credits: Dailymail

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