How To Roll Shirt Sleeves? The Italian Style!

An elegant man should never wear short sleeve shirt, especially to business meetings. It’s a lack of good taste. You can try them to a casual outfit, but stop there. Even if it’s very hot outside, wear a long sleeve shirt.

However, if you can’t stand the heat, and you feel the need to have your hands free, we recommend you to roll your sleeves. This way, you’ll get a casual outfit without losing your style and charm. So, learn these 2 moves to achieve the hottest casual look.

From the below image you’ll learn how to roll properly your shirt sleeves, the Italian way!

1. Raise your sleeve, and leave your hand uncovered below the elbow.

2. Then roll it again, but be careful to leave the waistband on sight. Italians do that!
This way you’ll look classy and you’ll forget about the heat.

Step-by-step instructions:

Image Credits: Esquire

Image Credits: Upyourfashiongame

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