7 Make-up Tricks For Mature Women! Wipe A Few Years From Your ID!

The purpose of makeup is not to “mislead” admirers, but to help women of all ages to highlight their strengths and feel more confident.

“I don’t want to look young and attractive” said no woman ever! Wrinkles and other changes that come with age don’t mean that your beauty is gone. Women can be gorgeous at any age, and if you consider the following beauty tricks to highlight your natural beauty, you’ll wipe away a few years from your ID.

1. The base
Mature women should use a light base that reflects the light. It will fill wrinkles with shiny particles and it will smooth skin texture.

2. Foundation
You should use a foundation with medium density (or even light) to avoid the mask effect. It’s important for the skin to get a velvety texture and those small imperfections to be hidden.

3. The eyebrows
Beautiful and well arched eyebrows are very important to the whole face. When you choose the eyebrow pencil, try to avoid black and gray. Try warmer shades that make you look younger.

4. The eyelashes line
With a sharp pencil, draw a thin line on your superior eyelid, next to your eyelashes. A thin line will create a depth look, expressivity and density on your eyelashes.

5. Shadows
Use eye shadow – in the inner corner a lighter hue, like peach, and then a more intense hue, like chocolate or violet brown. Apply the darker eye shadow in the exterior of your eyelid, not to look older.

6. Lips
For makeup to last longer, use a quality pencil. Don’t just use it for contour, but fill the entire surface of your lips. If you like the ombré style, you can use a darker pencil on the inner corners of your lips.

7. Finishing
Apply lipstick over the pencil. For more volume, cover the middle part of your lips with a lighter hue and the inner corners with a darker one. You can use transparent gloss in the middle of your lips.

Image Credits: Makeup.vidalondon

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