How To Dress To Impress On A Budget? Get Your Million Dollar Look!

Would you like to have a million dollars look, but you don’t have enough money to spend on expensive clothes? Well, that’s not necessary after all! Obvious, attitude is what matters the most, but you can achieve a million dollar look wearing 2 dollars outfit! Try the following tricks and you’ll look gorgeous on a budget!

Some of us want to look like they owe a convertible, a house in the Hamptons and a penthouse in Manhattan. And the reasons are “unknown”. Or, even if you have plenty of money, you just don’t want to spend a fortune on a simple white T-shirt!

There are some simple and easy ways to achieve outfits and accessories that make you look rich!

1. Leather
Purchase some synthetic or real leather clothing items, looking carefully to the quality. To stand out of the crowd, choose a leather skirt!

2. Velor
Since the 70’s fashion is back, velour is back in trends again, a fabric that helps you to look rich. It looks refined and it fits perfectly, especially for young people. When you’re looking for velor clothes, don’t focus only on jackets. You can follow trends in a sexy way – choosing velor dresses.

3. Satin
Choose to wear satin, because is a sexy fabric that makes you look filthy rich. When it comes to satin dresses, these always have a delicate and same time simple pattern, or on the opposite a bold pattern. The fact is that satin speaks for itself, and you’ll achieve the best elegant woman award effortlessly.

4. Unwrinkled clothes
Watch out for wrinkles and invest your money in a vaporizer if you want to look rich. Even if you wear satin or cotton, wrinkled clothes won’t constitute an advantage. Another trick is to hang your clothes in the bathroom while you’re showering instead of spending money on chemical laundry cleaner.

5. Clothes that fit you
It should be simple, right? But is not! Not all sizes are the same to all brands. It’s important to find a good tailor! Most clothes are not designed to fit you perfectly, as there are different silhouettes. If you choose a tailor instead, make sure it’s a great tailor.

6. Buy a medium-length wool coat
It won’t only keep you warm, but it will also make you look luxuriant. Choosing a black wool coat, you won’t fail, but if you choose a nude/beige wool coat you’ll look more refined. Match it with an all-white outfit underneath.

7. Keep your shoes clean and shiny
Clean shoes isn’t enough sometimes, but if you have shiny shoes it will look like new. You can use shiny shoe creams, but be careful because they are toxic.

8. Choose quality accessories
A watch is such a quality accessory. Look for something versatile that you can match it with almost everything. The same thing goes for earrings or other accessories. Don’t choose quantity, choose quality!

9. Structured bags not folded
Bags are something that we can’t live without. Rigid bags will help you look more refined, while folded bags will make you look frumpy.

10. Nail-colored nails, natural
Many rich and influential women keep their nails simple, unpolished.

Besides, if you want to look rich, trust in yourself and this will make you look filthy rich!

Image Credits: Whateverywomanneeds

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