4 Style Mistakes Every Plus Size Woman Make

Who said you need the perfect silhouette to look good? You can be very “fluffy” and dress like a true fashionista. Size doesn’t matter! Good taste does! So, even if you are a bit chubby, avoid doing these style mistakes, every oversize woman make in the summer.

1. They hide their body
Why? We know that long and loose dresses are a good way to hide those imperfections, but it happens to be one of the most common mistakes every plus size woman make. Try to be more confident and enjoy every inch of your body by wearing clothes that highlight your beautiful curves.

2. They don’t know their body shape
When you choose your clothes, it’s very important to know what your body shape is. Not all fluffy figures look the same, so it’s important to know yourself and to know what you should wear according to your body shape.

3. You don’t wearing colors
Overweight women don’t really want to wear bright colors and get to spend the summer wearing black or dark shade clothes. Black is great, but it can be boring sometimes. Learn to play with bright shades on use them to your advantage. Wearing bright colors where you want to draw attention, and dark colors in the area you want to hide your flaws.

4. You rarely go shopping!
If you go shopping every 3 years, it’s no wonder that your outfits are boring. Add new clothing items more often, and don’t hesitate to wear them.

Image Credits: Ladyfofa

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