The Perfect Dresses For Apple-Shaped Body. Dare To Be Fabulous!

Although all women dream to a thin waist, not all of them this type of body! Women with an apple-shaped body have a thick waist, and even if they lose weight, they won’t achieve a thin waist, because this is their body type. But, they have to be proud of their long and flawless legs. So, fashion tricks are your best friends if you want to look perfect even if you have a thick waist.

So what if you have a thick waist! Wear clothes that hide your waist and emphasize your long and beautiful legs. Tight and straight dresses aren’t recommended for you, just because they will highlight your flaws. Below, are some dresses perfect for your body type that will help you look like a supermodel!

Low waist dresses

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These types of dresses are perfect for apple-shaped body type because they will hide your thick waist and it will highlight your hips by giving a bit of volume. These dresses help you to look thinner, so you must have at least one pattern in your closet.

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Choose dresses without prints in the upper body, and if you add a leather jacket and a pair of boots, all eyes will be on you! Also, being versatile dresses, you can easily introduce this dress in the office outfit.

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Dresses with high waist

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Women with thick waist should choose dresses either with low waist or very high waist, because they will draw attention from your abdomen. High-waist dresses are very elegant and it will help you a lot, as long as you avoid tight models and choose to wear loose or bulky dresses.

Image Credits: Instagram/pankclothing

A-shaped dress

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These types of dresses are perfect for any type of body silhouette, but are a true helper for women with thick waist. These dresses are wider below the bust and have a straight line, hiding your abdomen imperfections and making your you look thinner, and offering a bit of volume around your hips. This dress is perfect for a retro look, from the 70’s and 80’s.

Image Credits: Instagram/cheng-chengshop

Draped dresses

Image Credits: Instagram/nat.moujalli

Although it may seem weird to wear draped and folded dresses around your waist area, their effect isn’t to make you look fatter, but to hide imperfections from that area. These dresses are very elegant and also very suitable for can find casual models.

Image Credits: Instagram/luckyb-intern

If you have thick waist, wearing this dress models and you’ll look like you’ve been cut from the cover of a fashion magazine!

Image Credits: Beauty.onehowto

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