7 Clothing Tricks To Fake A Smaller Waist

A slim waist is every woman’s dream, but diets and hours in the gym show their results in time? And you need, like right now, to look like the girls from the catwalk? It’s obvious that you can’t get rid of extra pounds overnight, but you can do magic using clothes to create visually a wasp waist! Hide your flaws with this amazing fashion tricks!

1. You want to hide your belly? Choose dresses with A- cut shape or the empire style. Draped dresses will make those extra pounds disappear like magic. When it comes to colors, the famous color blocking does its job very well.

2. When it comes to blouses, if you want to look thinner, choose again draped dresses. As long as they are below the bust, they will successfully hide your tummy.

3. High waist pants will be your best friends, if you want to get a slim waist. Choose tapered cut pants with high waist because your legs will look longer, too.

4. Make sure that the fabrics of your clothes are not tight-fitting or shinny. Thus, viscose, jersey and satin aren’t such good choices, in turn, trap and lace are perfect!

5. Beware of wide belts! They will only highlight with flaws.

6. And the beach outfit can be chosen so as to get rid of the obsessive question “How to look thinner?” So, you have the following options, depending on your preference:
– If you’re a fan of two-piece swimsuits, choose one that has the top accessorized, so you can draw attention over your bust, not over your belly;
– One piece swimsuits can do wonders, some of them being made of fabrics to correct your body shape, flattening your belly. In addition, some prints such as vertical stripes can elongate visually your body, making you appear more slender;
– Tankini is another good choice when you want to redefine your silhouette;
– when you don’t go in the water, wear a beach shirt or a pareo.

7. Last but not least, one of the most effective tricks to look thinner with a slim waist is the use of shaping underwear.

Image Credits: Blog.stylewe

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