6 Mistakes We Make When We Walk On Heels

No matter what trends say, nothing can be more beautiful than a gorgeous and confident woman, gliding like a goddess on a pair of stilettos. The essence of feminine seduction lays in those sensual gestures, in the growth of trust and power given by those few inches and the appreciative gaze of men. That’s why we will never give up this powerful weapon: high heels.

However, wearing them wrong may seriously harm our health, also our appearance. To keep your sexy and stylish appearance and your health in balance, you should avoid making the following mistakes when you’re walking in high heels.

1. You don’t know to walk on heels!

It may be an obvious mistake, but a lot of women start walking on high heels, for the first time, without being prepared. Even if walking gracefully on high heels seem like a skill you were born with, the truth is that you can learn it! There are some rules that you need to consider: you have to keep your back and knees straight, your eyes forward, your chin and chest straight forward. Walk with one foot in front of another, as if you submit an imaginary straight line, and be careful to step first on the heel then on your tip – to avoid accidents. Don’t step too hard because you’ll make noise, and there are some specific rules that say not to wear noisy heels at church, school or at the office. Most important is: not to rush, because we are sure that even Victoria Beckham isn’t a master at running in heels!

2. Wearing just stilettos

They are charming, we must admit, creating outfits that will always be in vogue. At the same time, high heels will cause pain and spinal disorders, and their sharp tip will cause those painful and unaesthetic bunions. If you love to be at heights, you must give a chance to sandals, boots and platforms: you shouldn’t always “get up” on stilettos.

3. You simply adore heels over 3 inches

We have bad news for those wearing such accessories: if you “climb” these types of shoes daily, don’t expect to have an iron health in the future. Besides discomfort and pain, you’ll subscribe to legs and spine health problems. There’s not even gracefully to walk daily on staggering heels that should be reserved only for special occasions. You can try kitten heels: they guarantee that you’ll be as graceful as your cat. Also, pay attention to other type of heel, not just stilettos: the thick heel shoes are very trendy this year.

4. You don’t have mercy

Yes, heels should be worn gracefully, but this doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice as Spartans did, just to be beautiful in stilettos. The secret some women have when they’re walking in high heels is that they take a good care of them: they don’t rush, don’t walk on long distances, and they always have a pair of flats in their handbag. This is the guaranteed effect of broad and bright smile, not a grimace of continuous pain!

5. You defy the size

Most of the times, size does matter! Especially when it comes to our beloved pair of high heels! Don’t buy shoes that are a size bigger (you risk falling and hurting your ankle) nor too small (because you’ll have severe pain). If, however, you should choose between these two types of mistakes, it’s recommend to buy the bigger size, because with silicone pads you’ll solve the problem.

6. Confidence 0 when you’re wearing heels

Let’s suppose that you owe the most wonderful pair of shoes in the world, like Cinderella, and you walk just like a goddess, but you feel uncomfortable: and this lack of confidence it will be noticed immediately. Heels shouldn’t be an artificial attachment, but an extension of your look, like you were born with them. If you use them naturally, there will be no difference between you and Gigi Hadid on heels (yes, attitude counts).

Image Credits: Blog.doctoroz

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