The Type Of Skirt That Makes You Look 10 Years Older. Avoid Wearing It!

The biggest mistakes we make when we choose our outfit is not taking in account our body shape. The dissimilarity between our outfit and our body shape make us look ridiculous. Some clothes should be worn only after a certain age, because they hide our beautiful shapes and make us look older. And skirts make no exception! If we wear the wrong skirt, it can add very easily 10 years to our figure. It can hide our beautiful legs and making them look shorter, and also our waist, giving us a straight look.

Some women choose to wear straight midi skirts to hide their knees, thinking this is the best solution, but they forget that this type of skirt make them look older.

If your knees don’t look the way you wanted, just choose to wear a tight skirt around knees area. This way, you won’t look like a bag, and your shape will contour harmoniously.

Image Credits: Yaytrend

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