5 Colors That Truly Look Great On Everyone! Flatter Your Style!

There’s no longer a secret that choosing the right colors for your outfit is very important. I’m sure that you’ve noticed by now that some colors favor more than others. I bet that it happened, at least once, to want certain clothing items, but you didn’t buy it because the color wasn’t foe you. Well, sometimes you have to forget about those strictly rules of fashion, and dare to bring a vibe to your outfit. There are some colors that fit to everyone, so you can make a change among your clothing items.

1. Purple

This sophisticated color will give a stylish touch to any outfit you wear. Although, until now was recommended to be worn for evening outfits, dare to introduce into your casual outfits, too. This color matches to every hair color and any skin type. For a flawless look, you can combine purple with black, white, gray and denim blue.

2. Emerald green

Everyone falls in love with this color! It’s an elegant, energizing and positive color. But the best news that you can receive about this color is that it favors anyone. If you are afraid to adopt all green outfits, rely on accessories. With the help of a scarf or an emerald green jewelry, you’ll win everyone’s heart!

3. Red

The color of passion seduces everybody! But the most important thing is that every woman can wear it with confidence. If you have red clothing items in your closet, don’t wear them only in special occasions, you can introduce them in your daily outfit. You’ll get an instant sense of femme fatale, because this color is loved by all men. An important tip is to respect the matching colors rule. Don’t match red with other intense shades, just let red be red!

4. Fuchsia

Another shade that favors anyone is fuchsia. It expresses joy, femininity and lust for life, a message that our outfits should always convey. So, forget about the classic shades for skirts, and invest in some fuchsia shades. You will wreak the havoc at every turn!

5. Turquoise

Your signature style should be turquoise! This shade can be worn with confidence both in summer and in winter, because looks good on everyone. This shade highlights perfectly the color of your eyes and hair. And it will give a youthful and fresh look.

Image Credits: Japanesestylemusingsfromlocalstyleseekers

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