Plus Size Fashion: 6 Items You Should Avoid Wearing This Spring!

Spring trends fascinate us, leaving us the impression we are on catwalk show at every street corner. But these trends are designed to highlight the perfect bodies, and if you are dealing with a few extra pounds, what are you doing? Well, it’s better to avoid them, and let your personal style to bring up the rear. Otherwise, your image will be damaged pretty badly.

1. Short skirts

The 80’s stars are back in the spotlight being the most awesome clothing items at the moment. But avoid wearing them if you have a few extra pounds around your waist or thighs. You better choose to wear maxi lengths that thin your silhouette!

2. Leggings

These clothing items were exactly created to envy the bodies of those gorgeous supermodels who can afford to leave the house in a pair of leggings and a bustier. Even if you are going to a gym, avoid wearing leggings if you are a plus size.

3. Ruffles

We are so sorry if you are a romantic person, and ruffles fit well with your personality. Unfortunately, ruffles give extra volume, and you’ll look even voluptuous than you really are. Avoid them as much as you can, because you’ll draw attention over your weight instead hiding it.

4. Culottes pants

Culottes conquered in awhile the jeans world. Now, the most common jeans cut is inspired by the classical shape of Culottes pants: wide above the ankle, this item is taking over comfort fashion. But if you are dealing with extra pounds, the situation is different: wearing culottes it will worsen the problem.

5. Transparent dress

The pieces inspired by underwear lingerie are true obsessions, in a time when fashion became simple, comfortable, focused on utilitarianism. In this context, transparent gowns take us towards a world where seduction is still cherished. So, we think you shouldn’t wear these items if you’re not fully proud of your body.

6. Oversized pants

There is a misconception that voluptuous silhouettes must be hidden in wide clothes. On the contrary, these articles add even more volume. Oversized pants are a big “don’t” in this regard. Choose to wear a straight or skinny pattern, with the condition to be well tailored.

Image Credits: Pinterest

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