8 Bra Hacks Every Woman Should Know. Don’t Ditch It, Trick It!

How many times has it happened as the bra to be uncomfortable? Another annoying moment is when you have to arrange your bras in the closet. But you couldn’t do much, so you clenched your teeth, smiled and ignored the situation, until it reappears. But I bet that in those awful moments you would give anything to know the following hacks. Well, find out what you have to do when your bra is uncomfortable, and some other tips when it comes to this piece of underwear lingerie.

1. Surely you know that when you wear sleeveless shirts or tops is not indicated as the bra straps to be in sight. A very simple trick you can do is to use a paper clip and catch the straps behind. Or you can just catch them in X form at your back. Quick and easy, right?

2. Are you tired of the discomfort created by the metal wire when it makes a small hole in the fabric? But with a piece of pantiliner you can get rid of this uncomfortable situation.

3. Strapless bras are so sexy but you fell so insecure wearing them. The good news is that you can use a trick to get rid of this frustrated situation. A convertible strap, fixed below your breasts can provide more security.

4. If we’re talking about bra straps, we have to admit that they are not very comfortable. But I’m sure you will feel better if you apply on your skin silicone or other objects to alleviate pain.

5. Some women don’t have time to wash their gym bra daily. Well, it would be easier if you get in the shower with your bra on. And this way, you’ll get rid of washing machine disadvantages.

6. What do you do when you’re in a hurry, and your bra hasn’t dried yet? Simple! Use a hairdryer to dry it!

7. When you wear a large decollet blouse and your bra is coming out, you can quickly solve the problem by adding a piece of fabric to cover it.

8. Saves space in your closet by arranging more bras on a hanger. Not only they will keep their shape, but you’ll find them easily.
Forget all the problems you have with your bra! Put these tips into practice, and you won’t want to ditch the bra.

Image Credits: Redonline

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