Mature Women Fashion! How To Avoid Clothes That Make You Look Older

You should be proud of your gray hair, wrinkles, even of those extra pounds achieved in time, because they mark memories and these are the perfect signs of a happy life. Most women blame these marks, thinking this is the reason they look old and less feminine, but there’s another reason. You should take a closer look to your outfit and the accessories you’re wearing, like that pair of glasses you’re wearing, with the wrong shape, or those old fashioned clothes that you don’t want to dump them, these are the real reason of some extra years on your appearance. Below, are some fashion tips for mature woman to look and feel younger!

1. Too much black
Black is elegant and can make you look thinner, visually, but on the other hand, black will highlight your wrinkles and double chin. As we age, our skin looks pale when we’re wearing black, and if you don’t want to give up wearing this color, add a colored scarf or massive necklace to your neck. This way, you’ll light up your face. But you could change black with neutral colors like beige, gray or ivory, because you’ll add a fresh aura to your look.

2. Clothes that don’t look like they should on your body
It’s the most common mistake mature women are making. They choose wearing loose clothes to hide extra pounds, but they don’t realize that the effect is on the contrary: they actually add some extra pounds and a few years on their look. Instead wearing a loose jacket, take a visit to tailor and shrink it to highlight your shapes. Or, you can try to wear jeans with a pair of boot cuts to elongate your silhouette.

Skirt length
You should erase from your mind that your skirt should be longer with age. The A cut skirts, a finger above the knee, are perfect for any age. You should wear them at any age.

Stop hiding it with scarves or blouses. Show your sternum to the world because it will elongate visually your neck, and it will light up your face. Wear V-neck blouses, shirts or round neck shirts, because they will make you look wonderful.

Highlight your waist
Almost all silhouettes, after 50 years, lose their waist, metamorphosing in a bigger one, apple shaped. To get rid of your belly, try to exercise or emphasize it with high waist pants or skirts, or a belt.

3. Wrong size bra
Pounds, hormones and body shape, everything has changed over years, but the bra is still the same. Wrong! You should check the size of your bra, and buy a new bra every year. Because if you wear the wrong bra, you’ll look shallow, without a waist, and every clothing item you’ll be wearing will look ugly on you.

4. Change your glasses
I saw my mother wearing a cool pair of glasses with funky frames and I couldn’t believe it. I suddenly asked for details. She was looking younger, and it was “that something” which brought life into her eyes. So, choose to wear a pair suitable for your face shape, but they should be delicate, feminine, colorful, everything that looks great on your face and cheers you up.

5. Clothes too sexy or too trendy
…because “nothing ages a woman more than the effort to look younger than she really is”, said Coco Chanel. And she is perfectly right. After 30 years you should ditch short skirts, because it’s a lack of good taste and you’ll look vulgar. Also, neon shirts, studded sneakers, cartoon print jackets, school bags, choker necklaces, all these are for teenagers or fashionistas. And if are trying to adopt this trend you’ll look absolutely ridiculous. So, stick to every clothing item that emphasizes your body shape.

6. Tight clothes
If you are the lucky owner of a hourglass body shape, in your 50’s, then excuse me, and start wearing tight clothes because you deserve it! Otherwise, be realistic and take a closer look in the mirror, and try to be presentable, because if you wear tight clothes you’ll look like a lady who has grown up in those clothes. A trick is to wear modeling lingerie underneath your clothes to look graceful, so you should start spending your money on these items.
If you wear to tight clothes, you’ll look like a sausage. You better wear regular size jeans or flared from above the knee.

7. Vintage clothes without style
Your old suit “because you can’t find something like this”, your simple pearls, your “still good to wear” shoes, I know that you don’t want to give up them, but at least update your outfit with some authentic clothing items. Deux pieces suits, singular brooches on your lapel, tied scarf at the neck, jewelry set, all of these get you older.
Wear your suit blazer with jeans and boots or kitten heels, along with a white shirt and hang on your neck the whole pearls you owe. Scarves can be worn like a turban, or catch them at your wrist. Pants with pleats are amazing with a simple cotton top and jeans jacket, along with Oxford shoes.

Even if you wear vintage items, your look should be fresh in combination with this era clothing items.

Regardless any tips, at the end you shall feel confident and proud of you when you look in the mirror, enjoy yourself and your body.

Image Credits: Gracieopulanza

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