How To Dress And Look Fabulous Over 50. Fifty Is The New Forty!

It doesn’t matter how old are you, you are a woman! And you should look neat regardless the age, and fashion is for woman over 50, too. You think that if you’re a grandmother you should dress like one? No way! Grandmothers can be stylish and feminine too, because they have to offer to their grandchildren the perfect lesson about life, not only the perfect pumpkin pies. So, take a look over these advice, and show your age who’s got style!

Casual outfits
Well, you’ve reached the age when your outfits should match your age, but they shouldn’t make you look older. Every time you go shopping or going for a walk, choose to wear casual and feminine outfits, like a flowered silk blouse, a shirt, a casual but elegant jacket. Dresses are another safe option with a floral or simple print. You shall avoid graphic prints, neon shades or stripes. These are not for you anymore.

Office outfits
It’s not advisable to wear at the office severe and masculine outfits because they add to your life flower bouquet a few more years. If you prefer to wear suits, at least choose to wear warm and light shades, like white, cream, beige, yellow straw and match them with blouses and shirts made from delicate fabrics. Use this kind of combinations for a warm, kind but original outfit. Use small and feminine details, like belts, pearls, delicate shoes or floral prints.

Evening outfits
Little black dress is the best option in your case. It’s the neutral piece of clothing which confirms elegance and beauty at your age. You can choose different models, but original, or a simple black dress in which to add a statement necklace.

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