How To Look Taller Without Heels

You think that only high heels can make you look taller? That’s not true! There are a lot of handy and extremely effective solutions to look taller than you really are. You don’t have to kill your feet with an uncomfortable pair of high heels, because you can trick your height without wearing heels.
If you’re petite, some details may help you look taller, and heels aren’t the only choice. It’s just a matter of style.

Right posture
No matter what you’re wearing, you must pay good attention to your body posture. Check your posture in the mirror and make sure you keep your shoulders straight throughout the day and your chin slightly to feel and look taller than you really are. When you’re in a good shape, you’ll have a better attitude, too.

Choose outfits in dark colors
Dark shades are recommended for those who want to hide some extra pounds, but also, they can make you look taller. You don’t need a daily mourning attire to benefit from the thinning effect. You can choose any other dark colors, from dark blue to chocolate brown, if you want to look taller without wearing heels.

Raise your waistline
Dresses and pants with high waist can be a plus to an elongate effect, and you can emphasize your slim waist with such waist.

Use stripes in your favor
Many petite women swear that vertical stripes are wonderful, while others feel thinner when using horizontal stripes, although, apparently this thing is unlikely.

Try several types of stripes to decide which are best for your style. If you don’t want stripes, choose small and delicate prints, never with great graphics.

Choose the right accessories
The most important aspect of choosing accessories is related to their size. Avoid huge bags or huge accessories, because you’ll look like a leprechaun. Give up wearing chokers because they’ll make a line between head and body, which cuts even more from your height. Chandelier earrings, scarves and other elongated accessories contribute to a taller image.

Choose a monochromatic look from the waist down
A trick used often by ballerinas is the single color shade used for pants/skirt and shoes to create an elongate effect. Well, you can’t dress like a ballerina on stage, so you can choose the same shade for your daily outfit.

Choose tight clothes
If you are happy with your body shape and weight, you choose to wear stretch or tight clothes. Skinny jeans can make you look taller even without heels, but they don’t always highlight. Even if you don’t want tight clothes, at least avoid loose clothes because they make you look shorter.

Choose appropriate hairstyle
When you have don’t have any tricks left about your outfit, the hairstyle can be used to your advantage. Your hair caught up high will lift your height a little bit. If you have enough hair volume, you can get rid of heels easily.

Image Credits: Limeroad

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