How You Should Dress To Look Thinner. Drop Visually Some Extra Pounds

If you have some extra pounds, don’t panic! Women are supposed to have curves! This is the symbol of femininity since ancient times. And if you want to contour your body shape and look with a few pounds less, just follow the next tips to look thinner.

1. Wear sharp shoes
You r legs will look thinner and more beautiful if you choose to wear skirts with stilettos. A nice pair of stilettos will elongate visually your leg and it will look thinner in the same time.

2. Highlight your neckline
Highlighting your neckline will draw attention, and will create the illusion of thinner and taller body. If the distance between your skin and breast is longer you’ll look more elegant.

3. Wear monochromatic outfits
If you wear the same color from head to toes, you’ll look thinner. If you choose to wear different colors, you’ll highlight your waist, and if you are the happy owner of a tummy, this is not the best choice.

4. Wear your hair in a bun
This type of hairstyle highlights your bone structure and makes your face look thinner.

5. Use clothes with fine cuts
Pencil skirts, jackets, corsets – all fit well on your body because they shape your body, and will put your shapes in value.

Image Credits: Wasatchwoman

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