4 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Your efforts to look at your best are in vain? Definitely you’re doing something wrong! There are some details that you are missing to take in account when you are choosing an outfit. You are trying to hide your imperfections but all you do is to highlight them? Well, discover how you can avoid these mistakes that make you look older and fatter.

1. You don’t choose the right colors
Colors are very important when it comes to clothes, so choose the proper shades for your age. This means finding a balance between dark and extravagant tones. Gray is the color that ages you most, so try to avoid it. Be careful when it comes to clothing items worn next to your face – scarves for example. Don’t choose lilac, gray or dusty pink. They will highlight your imperfections and will make you look older.

2. Loose clothes
If you’ve gained some extra pounds over the years, I’m sure that now you’re trying to hide them. Straight and loose clothes aren’t the perfect choice. It’s better to choose a slightly cut, arched, that follows your body line. You’ll look delicious, even if you have a few extra pounds. So, what? This outfit won’t make you look older, for sure. On the contrary, it will wipe a few years of!

3. You’re too bold or, conversely, don’t have the courage to try new outfits
You think if you choose youthful outfits, you won’t show your age? On the contrary, you risk looking ridiculous. Maybe you’re a fan of neon colored dresses and the new clothing trends, but this doesn’t mean that fit for you, too. Here’s a tip if you want to be fashionable: try to have classic outfits and to match some trendy-bold accessories. A big and shiny necklace with simple-straight dress is perfect to be in the center of attention.

Or, you might be on the other side, if you like mundane outfits: wearing those long and loose dresses, black pants and you should run of print-flowered shirts. This outfit isn’t perfect for you, for sure, because it will definitely add some extra years to your age.

4. Don’t choose the right bra
You think you wear the same bra size throughout life, but you forget that age affects our body, and this includes even breast area. If you lose or gain weight, you should check again your bra size to see if you are wearing the right size. Once you discover the bra that suits you best, the entire outfit will look better.

Image Credits: Pinterest

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