10 Common Style Mistakes That May Ruin Your Grace. Try To Avoid Them!

Why ruining your image when it’s so easy to look perfect? You need to avoid the following mistakes and you’ll be at your best. These 10 common fashion mistakes may ruin your image to the world, and I bet you don’t want this to happen. The thing is that most women do this without realizing it.

1. Mismatched colors
It’s very important to wear clothes that match your skin tone. Not everything you see on the catwalk fits you. Try to experiment wearing different colors then stick to the color pallet that suits you best. If this year’s color isn’t for you then don’t wear it, and wear the one’s that represents you. Don’t waste your money on fashionable things that don’t highlight you at all.

2. Unkempt nails
Take care of your nails regularly. Even if you color them with nail polish, make sure you they are always clean and have the same shape. Choose to wear medium size nails and make sure you always have a nail file in your purse.

3. Inappropriately makeup
Try not to wear a lot of makeup just to be in the center of attention. Try to highlight your natural beauty with a natural makeup, especially during the day! In the evening you can choose to wear more makeup, but don’t forget that sometimes too much, is too much!

4. Inappropriate tights color
Stop matching your tights with your shoes or with your dress, and don’t wear black tights just to look thinner. You’ll just pinpoint your legs and you’ll create an awful contrast between your dress, tights and shoes.

5. Dowdy shoes
You may wear a neat outfit, perfectly matched, but if your shoes look like after WWII, you should quit wearing them because they will ruin your whole outfit. A good and nice pair of shoes can take you to the most beautiful places.

6. Small clothes size
Don’t try to show off, by wearing tight clothes to look sexy. The effect will be upside-down: ridiculous! Don’t try to fit in a smaller size just to feed your ego, because everyone will see you’ve overreacted.

7. Don’t show your underwear
Be careful to your lingerie color, not to be in contrast with your outfit, because the results may undesirable, especially if your dress is a bit transparent. Also take a look over the bikini size, to match your jeans size: if you have low waist jeans choose to wear low waist bikini. Otherwise, someone may play wedgie, and that’s something you don’t want, for sure!

8. White markings on your armpits
Choose a deodorant to protect you from sweating which won’t leave visible stains on your clothes. You don’t want to attract attention this way.

9. Bra straps on sight
Choose a bra on your size, not too big or too small, and be careful to match the color of your blouse or dress. Hide your straps or just wear a strapless bra, to get rid of this problem.

10. Wrinkled clothes
You don’t have to become an ironing maniac, but this doesn’t mean you should neglect your looks. Wrinkled clothes will make you look like an undesirable person, so don’t ruin your appearance like this.

Image Credits: RD

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