Must Have Clothing Items For The Fall Of 2016

When seasons changes we should make some changes in our wardrobe, too. Well, this fall you must have these clothing items. Autumn it’s around the corner, so we should prepare our wardrobe.
First of all we should put aside summer clothes to make some space for your new clothes.

Then you’ll need:

One or more trench coats

Trench coat is one of the clothing items that never get old. You may find many models from simple to neutral colors and with different colors or patterns.

Oversized sweaters

Sweaters are a must have in winter and the oversized ones help you look cool at any time. They can be worn with skirts, trousers or tights because they are comfortable and keep warm.

You’ll need cardigans, too

Even if the weather looks warm, it’s recommended to keep one in your bag – you never know when it gets cold. In addition, it completes nicely any outfit and layers will always look good.

Chic scarves

Scarf is versatile accessory: it can be worn only to complete a simple outfit, to keep warm or to cover your head from rain. Even if one day you don’t want to wear a scarf, we recommend keeping in your purse one just in case it rains.

Hats are very useful this season. They highlight every outfit and protect your hairstyle from rain and wind.
This season dark, gothic style returns. Wear black lace and velvet.

Image Credits: Istockphoto

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