Which Type Of Footwear Suits You Best According To Your Body

Designers tell us that when we’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes we should keep in mind two things: our body structure and to comfort degree the pair of shoes offers us.
Well, you can find the ideal pair of shoes following the next tips and get ready for shoe-shopping session…!

Although photographic documentation attests that stiletto type of shoe existed since the late 1800s, they become famous in the middle of the twentieth century.
Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, stars with different conformations, posed with confidence on the red carpet with very high heels. These type of stilettos without plateau is indicated both for mignon and whiskers women, because it elongates their legs, and for tall women as well because it gives elegance to any outfit.
Platter stiletto is suitable for all women, being more convenient than any other normal shoe. It’s very important that the heel to be perfect, because it carries the whole body weight.
Tall women shouldn’t fear to wear stilettos because this model can be worn and adapted to any outfit with different approaches – casual, elegant or cocktail.
If you have a mignon silhouette mignon, don’t choose a platter stiletto because you risk looking disproportionate. So if you have 165 cm height, choose a platter of up to two centimeters!

Ankle boots
This type of shoes can look extremely sexy, regardless your height but the only condition (very important, by the way) is to have very thin legs.
Take in account the outfit you decide to wear: avoid wearing these boots with three quarters pants / tights, midi or tapered skirts, shorts or Capri pants.
If they match your legs wear these boots with confidence especially that this season peep-toe boots are back in fashion.

Mid-calf boots
This model is flattering only for tall and thin silhouettes because the midi length “cuts” unaesthetic the leg.
Over knee boots
This type of boots got high exposure, being promoted by celebrities like Cher or Abba band girls in the ’60s, then Julia Roberts worn them with courage in Pretty Woman (1990).
With some fetish “flavor” and ultra-hot look the popularity of these boots has grown today.
You can wear this boots regardless of the height you’ve got and you can match them with an oversized sweater and shorts, with skinny jeans and a pale top that follows the body line – the basic idea is that the rest of the outfit to be as simple and conservative.
If you don’t want exposing too much skin and this outfit is too bold for your personality, combine them with a long or midi dress.

Whether they have heels or not, or if they are casual or elegant, over knee or below the knee boots are the most versatile piece in your wardrobe, isn’t it?
Designers say mignon women should wear below the knee boots to follow their leg line.
Tall women can wear over the knee boots, baggy or molded. The outfits for such type of boots are very wide. Avoid skinny jeans and shorts.

UGG boots
Everyone should have a pair of UGG in their wardrobe. But it’s not recommended for voluptuous women, but rather for androgynous silhouettes.
Another mistake would be to wear them with socks or tights – sheep skin they are made from is specially treated to keep a constant body temperature, regardless of the weather outside. Wear these shoes directly on the skin.
This winter wear UGG’s with skinny jeans or tights.

Image Credits: Stylishwife

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