6 Must Have Outfits For The Next Season

Your wardrobe needs an update? Here are 6 essential outfits that will get you rid of any unpleasant situation when you don’t know what to wear.

Sport suit
Stylists and designers wanted to bring youth and coolness in everyday outfits. You can wear it either as a complete outfit or you can combine pants with a traditional shirt or the sport blouse with a maxi metallic skirt. In theory this outfit match doesn’t work but it’s very stylish.

This outfit solves all your problems when you don’t know what to wear. You can wear it with flats or sneakers for a casual outfit or you wear stilettos for an elegant look. Also you can catch a belt in a contrasting shade.

Prints biker jacket
The more colorful and cheerful the prints are the better. Watchword is originality. Whether is a jeans or leather jacket, choose a model to remove as much of the classic.

Pencil skirt
For a modern woman the key for a cool outfit is the pencil skirt. And worldwide designers confirm this. This season difference lies in choosing the fabric – let it be curious and creative prints. Match it with a classic white shirt and a pair of very high heels for an elegant chic look.

Long trench coat
This season, the trench coat is not arched anymore, but it has a loose cut and a cord to gather your waist casually. Wear it with palazzo pants for a French look.

Loose pants
Made from a loose fabric like silk for example, it should track every curve of the body discreetly when you’re moving. Wear them with a top and a pair of flats.

Image Credits: Logostoday

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