How To Prolong The Life Of Your Shoes

Everyone wants like their shoes to last longer, especially if it’s their favorite pair. Fortunately, there are certain tricks you can do to keep your shoes like new.

First of all buy quality shoes. The most important thing is to invest in your shoes if you don’t want to damage quickly.

Then protect the soles, it’s the first area that starts to damage. There are some sticky protective foils for your shoes, buy those!

Stuffing several newspapers in your shoes it will keep its shape. For leather/ suede shoes use a spray that protects them from water.

Place them in boxes or into an old pillow case not to be damaged by dust.

Keep them in a dry place. Shoes + moisture = worst idea! Shoes should always be kept in a dry and cool place.

Alternate your shoes. We all have that favorite pair of shoes that we want to wear daily but don’t do that. Obviously, the less you wear your shoes it will last longer.

Use a shoehorn. To diddle faster and not to bend shoes fabric, use a shoehorn.

Image Credits: Wearyouwant

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