How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Well, let’s face it that we wear jeans daily, every season! If you are asked what’s the most comfortable and versatile piece of clothing from your wardrobe…I’m almost sure that you’re going to say jeans!

That’s why you have to choose the perfect jeans to highlight your flattering shapes.

Are you tall?
Not just any pair of jeans fits you well. For example, those with a straight cut and skinny will elongate your legs… and you don’t need that. Buy a longer pair not to leave your ankles bare when you sit down.

You’re petite and with voluptuous shapes?
We know, we know, you get frustrated when you go shopping because most of the trendy jeans make your look smaller and fatter.
To balance your shapes, choose a pair of jeans with a straight cut or semi-skinny jeans model that flatters and “dresses” well your shapes.

Got those extra pounds?
I don’t know why all plus-size jeans come with those “fins” like we needed a double set … Choose a pair of straight jeans, boot cut ( slightly wider at the bottom) and high waist to hide your belly.

Tall with shapes?
You must have belly issues. Being tall you’ll look great in a pair of jeans leggings with zipper that look similar with tights. They will contour your shapes perfectly.

You have to cut the hem always, because a pair of jeans never fits you well. They are loose or tight and this may be a little bit frustrating.

Buy a pair of medium waist size jeans and if you’re petite and thin you can buy jeans from teens shops.

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