How To Make Your Tights Last Longer?

How easy can it be?

Tights and women have the worst relationship. Women love to wear tights very often, they come on different models and you can wear them in every season. But they rip at the wrong time. And if you’re clumsy you risk getting out of the house with your tights already ripped.

But it seems to be a secret to prolong the life of tights. And it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever heard! Well, you have to put them in the freezer. Yes, in the freezer, like pizza!

When you buy a new pair of tights, wet them with warm water, put it in a plastic bag then let it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, remove it and leave it to defrost. Apparently you have to do this only once the tights will be even more resistant.

Image Credits: Notey

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