How To Dress At Weddings?

When you have to attend an event such as weddings you have to consider some unwritten rules of your outfit not to be ridiculous.

Here are a few tips to choose the perfect outfit for your wedding:

A summer wedding requires a casual, vaporous outfit. If you have to attend a daytime wedding you have to wear a casual dress but if the wedding it’s in nighttime you can wear a long dress. Moreover, in recent years women gave up wearing long, heavy dresses.

Be very careful at the fabric the dress is made of because if you dance very much you’ll need a quality fabric not to overheat your body and sweat then to stick on your body.

When it comes to color, we recommend shades such as red, blue, pink or yellow. In summer choose bright colors. Neon colors aren’t the best choice, so it’s preferable to avoid them.

If you have a date at the wedding it’s recommended to be dressed exactly the same. If you chose an elegant outfit won’t look good for him to wear a smart casual one.

Keep in mind where the party takes place because if you attend a garden wedding you shouldn’t wear stilettos given the fact that they’ll stick in the ground. But if you attend a beach wedding choose to wear a pair of sandals and a long, vaporous dress. Regardless of where the party takes place. A wedding in a garden or in a club with a swimming pool requires completely different from those held in restaurants.

Loose, cocktail dresses are a perfect choice for summer weddings. You should choose a length that advantages you. A hand above the knee length is the limit of a mini skirt. Midi skirts and dresses are a good choice, but if you’re petite you should wear heels.

What to avoid!
First of all you should avoid wearing a white dress because you can be confused with the bride. Well, the bride won’t be thrilled to see you in white dress.

Don’t wear a short and tight dress at a wedding. They are perfect for club parties not for this kind of receptions.
Uncomfortable dresses and shoes should be kept for other occasions.

Avoid dresses with a train. They are uncomfortable and you risk that another guest to step on the train and, most importantly, you risk having a similar dress to the bride.

We don’t recommend complicated hairdos like buns or curls. Try to be natural. The same goes for makeup.

What are the criteria you consider in choosing a wedding outfit?

Image Credits: Brides

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