Why You Shouldn’t Wear Tights?

Many of us, women wear tights, but apparently they may affect our health and in this article we’ll tell you why.
It was discovered some time ago that skinny jeans can harm your health, especially if you’re exercising wearing them. A 35 year old woman dressed in a pair of skinny jeans did housework while she was moving out and her leg muscles had to suffer because nerves were blocked and blood flow wasn’t properly done.

It seems that tights are a piece of clothing you shouldn’t wear so often, though. It’s based on how close the fabric is to skin, which makes the sebum and sweat to collect between them.

If you wear tights in two consecutive days, for example, you risk doing fungal infections, which can lead to skin irritation. Furthermore, because tights keep you warm and you’re sweating, you can “wake up” with a vaginal infection. Well, this doesn’t sound too good, right?

Of course, tights can lead to the same problems.

Try, therefore, not to wear leggings or tights for too long, especially if the weather is warm. Also, choose natural fabrics so that skin can breathe.

Image Credits: Fashionising

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