How To Walk In High Heels

Still don’t know to walk in high heels? Well, we can teach you because it’s not as difficult as it seems.
Some women seem that they’ve been walking in heels their entire life while others refuse to wear such shoes not to break a leg or something. If you’re in the second category, we have good news for you: it’s not very difficult to learn walking in high heels!

Here are some tips:
First of all, learn to walk in wedges. Because these shoes don’t have heels, just a ”chopine” it will be much easier to wear them and to keep your balance. It doesn’t have to be too high, choose a pair that makes you feel comfortable.
Once you’re used walking in wedges, wear shoes or boots with thick heel. It won’t be hard to keep your balance on these shoes!

Further, choose heels increasingly thinner but with platform. Platforms “cut” part of the heel, so instead walking on 10 cm heels, you’ll walk on 7 cm heels, for example.
Finally, you’ll give up platform and you’ll be wearing stilettos without difficulty!

Extra tips:

When you walk, you should step first on your heel not on your toes! This is the main reason why some women look ridiculous when they walk on heels – they step on their toes first!

When you go upstairs you should step on your toes and when you go downstairs you’ll step with the entire sole.

Try walking with small steps if you’re not used with heels.

Practice at your home!

Image Credits: Trendsylvania

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