11 Tricks To Keep Your Clothes In A Good Condition

Here are 11 tips that will help you to keep your clothes in good condition as long as possible.

Wash clothes separately. Don’t mix the whites with colored, but take into account fabrics they are made of. Also, towels are washed separately.

Turn the jeans inside out before washing, because their shade will last longer.
Wash your sweaters not so often. In fact, beside underwear, most clothing can be worn several times before washing them.

Buy quality hangers. This way, your clothes won’t change their shape, especially in the shoulders.

Close all zippers before washing clothes, because they can ruin the rest of your clothing.

Keep your shoes in bags to preserve and protect it from dust and dryness.

Keep your clothes in dry, cool places away from sunlight. Also, if you dry your clothes outside, avoid the dark colored ones from sunlight because they will fade.

Wear your clothes by rotation. If you wear always the same clothes, it’s obvious that they will deteriorate faster.

When you buy tights, leave them in the freezer overnight because they will be more resilient.

Hand wash delicate clothes or put them in the washing machine in a pillowcase.

If you have any stained clothing, clean the spot immediately! Never let a spot to get into the fabric, you’ll remove it very hard.

Image Credits: RD

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