How To Dress For Work?

If you don’t know which are the best outfits to wear at the office here are a few tips to create the perfect office outwear.

Whether it’s your first day at work or you want to change your outfit keep in mind our tips and you’ll look marvelous at work.

The must have clothing items:

A quality blazer will make you look like a responsible adult. As long as you choose the right size, you can wear it with casual pants and a cheerful top, with pencil skirt and a shirt or even a casual summer dress. We recommend you to buy one on black, because it’s easy to match with any other color or you can buy a cheerful print blazer.

Then you should have at least two shirts in your wardrobe. Don’t think you should buy boring shirts! You can choose shirts with some lace, embroidery or a nice print. These shirts will make you look professional also are comfortable and can be worn with both pants and skirts.

You should have and some pants with a simple cut on black, polka dots or stripes, navy, brown or why not colorful. If you don’t have to adopt a certain dress code try wearing red pants.

The same thing is available to skirts. Sure, a leopard print skirt isn’t recommended, but there are many colors and prints that you can wear without problems.

As for dresses, choose the simple ones or with happy prints.

Then, fill your wardrobe with some colorful blouses (or black and white, if that’s what you want to wear).

As for footwear, you can’t wear 15 cm heels with glitter or other types of “let’s go party” shoes.

Image Credits: Marionberrystyle

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