3 Style Mistakes That Makes You Look Older

No women in this world would like to look a year older than she really is, but unfortunately, certain beauty habits and especially the way we dress add a few years over our real age.

Here are a few mistakes of you daily outfit:

You wear loose clothing
Yes, comfort is the key when it comes in choosing an outfit, but remember that is not be the only step in choosing what to wear.
Moreover, if you are petite (small), have wide hips or a few extra pounds, you shouldn’t wear loose clothing like boyfriend jeans or extra-large shirts.
Combine a pair of skinny jeans with casual loose shirt and a long jacket to hide your hips.

You wear too much black
Don’t get me wrong, I love black and I wear it, just like you most of the time but to cut the monotony of this color accessorize your black outfit with a statement necklace, a chic and colorful scarf and a lit shade handbag…or even a pair of red shoes. Also, don’t forget that black emphasizes skin imperfections, so apply a colorful lipstick to lighten up your complexion.

You don’t have a good bra
A bra that doesn’t fit you can make a big havoc: can give you back pain, will damage your breasts and it can cause you pain and harm your breathing.
Choose a push-up bra, like wonder bra, to provide support and to match the distance between breasts. Also your breasts will look perfect and sensual like they should.

Image Credits: Cienporcientomujer

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