8 Tricks To Look Thinner

Most of the women complain about their bodies wishing to be thinner, taller with soft skin and perfect smile.
To accept you as you are is a real challenge in this society that promotes the perfect look, the ideal balance, healthy food and impeccable lifestyle.
But the reality is that a few of us look like in the fashion magazines and to look great we need some beauty tricks.

Here are a few tricks to look thinner:

1. Wear heels!
Heels always elongate your silhouette making you look thinner.
However, you should choose your shoes carefully: say “no” to sandals with ankle strap because they will look too thick and don’t wear heels higher than 10 cm, especially if you’re not used to wear them. Looking thinner won’t compensate the fact that you don’t know how to walk on heels.
Choose square heels with triangular base for special occasions rather than a pair of stilettos.

2. Highlight your breasts
If you want to highlight your waist, wear a bra for sexy outfits. Besides that you’ll highlight your breasts you’ll obtain the hourglass shape.
Remember, it’s important to choose a suitable bra for your breasts shape, especially one that has the ideal size.

3. Choose the right size
Just because you want to look thinner in certain situations (ok, maybe more often than it should), it doesn’t mean you have to wear smaller clothes. Unsuitable jeans can make you look fatter and a smaller shirt will lift over your hips: precisely what you want to hide.

4. Wear corset … under clothing and not only 🙂
Women from past centuries never get out of the house without a corset and they were relying on its irresistible effect: they were raising their waist to suffocation, highlighting their hips and breasts and a straight posture.
Today, the corset is usual worn with skirts, leather pants, etc. So, wear to look thinner or for an extravagant look.
Don’t forget: tighten your corset enough to allow breathing.

5. Be the “little black princess”
Black is always in trend! This color always makes you look thinner. However, don’t believe that if you wear black clothes extra pounds will disappear like magic.
It’s also essential not to abuse of black clothes, for obvious reasons. Even if you opt for a little black dress or a deux piece suit, accessorize it with colorful earrings or a necklace.

6. Choose the ideal angle
Did you know that at one time Mariah Carey demanded to be photographed only from the right side and from certain angles? It’s because she wanted to look thinner.
Follow her example and practice in the mirror how to stay to look thinner: try to stay straight, cross your legs if you don’t want like them to look too thick or place a hand on your hip if you want to emphasize the waist.

7. Try “slimming” underwear
Don’t think of something that will make you lose weight. So-called slimming corsets are embracing your forms, reducing their size.
Unlike traditional corsets, these ones include the buttocks, abdomen, hips and thighs, giving your body a new shape, slim and compact. Slim corsets are usually made of 100% cotton with lycra and nylon with a silky texture.

8. Tans up!
Tan makes you brighter and supple. It’s the same thing like wearing black.
Don’t overdo assuming that an excessive tan is will save you from dieting and fitness! Summer is a good time to treat yourself with sunlight and also body toning.
If you’re going to the beach try every day 15-20 minutes of stretching.

Image Credits: Theskinnymirrors

Image Credits: magazine.foxnews

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